Consistency Beats Intensity: Personal Development, Part II

On the first part of the article we explored ways on how to incorporate reading books into our schedule. It also highlighted the advantages of consuming content in an audio format as compared to conventional methods. In the second part of the article we will discover more ways to improve our personal development skill. Specifically, on how to create your own content by writing a blog, a book, or creating a product.

Write your own blog or book

Most people want to write their own book someday, knowing that they have a good story or knowledge to share to the world. Money can also be a motivator as you hear the news of a best-selling author making millions just by writing a book. However, most people can’t even write a single article due to “lack of time” or after realizing that it is not as simple as they previously thought. read more

Consistency Beats Intensity: Personal Development, Part I

The first two parts of the series deal with the Financial and Health aspects of the Consistency philosophy. The last part of this series is effectively the vehicle in which the other aspects rely on: Personal Development.

Personal development entails all of the things that we do to improve our skills or abilities, which in turn enables us to be more productive, earn more money, and manage our time better. A high personal development skill gives us the necessary tools to increase our income or profits (and so improve the Financial aspect), as well as solidify the disciplines we need in our daily life (which improves the Health aspect). read more

Consistency Beats Intensity: Health, Part II

On the first part of the article we discussed the importance of health and how people tend to perform “binge” behavior when it comes to exercise, diet, and setting lifestyle goals. The article also illustrated that these behaviors do not tend to work in the long term and we need consistent actions in order to achieve our health goals.

Doing Small, Consistent Actions

So what is the better alternative to binge diet, exercise, and New Year’s resolutions? These things fail because they are not incorporated properly in a person’s lifestyle, and so this disruption produces uncomfortable feelings and eventually the person’s willpower to achieve the goal diminishes. read more

Consistency Beats Intensity: Health, Part I

This is the second of a 3-part article about the Consistency Beats Intensity philosophy. On the first part we discussed the financial aspects of the compounding effect. On this article we will discuss how consistency and compounding will help us reach our goals relating to personal health and well-being.

Importance of Health

It would not be far-fetched to assume that all of us know the importance of health. Whenever we get sick, we experience discomfort, pain, and our normal routine gets disrupted. We know innately that having good health is important so that we can continue to do the things that we want to do. read more

Consistency Beats Intensity: Finance, Part II

In the first part of this article, we have said that success is not a result of sudden events or “accidents” but the accumulation of small and seemingly unimportant actions performed over a period of time. These small positive actions when applied to our financial situation can reap great benefits in the future as evidenced by the compounding effect.

However, compounding also has a dark side to it, which can result in great losses instead of great benefits if it is allowed to accumulate over time. read more